The Holocaust-Denial Debate

Peter Myers, February 9, 2009; update February 25, 2011.

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Introduction: holocaust-denial.html#Introduction.

The Fatal Flaw in Holocaust Denial: holocaust-denial.html#Flaw.

35 responses. "There are a lot of witnesses to UFOs too": holocaust-debate02.html

"Moon landing hoax" claims cf "Holocaust hoax" claims: holocaust-debate03.html

Hitler's Table Talk details plans to settle Germans in Ukraine, and from mid 1941, to exterminate Jews: holocaust-debate04.html

Red Cross incorrectly reported; Toben's paper at Tehran: holocaust-debate05.html

A YEAR IN TREBLINKA, by Yankel Wiernik: holocaust-debate06.html

Treblinka "surveyed with ground penetrating radar ... no trace of the claimed mass graves": holocaust-debate07.html

The Van Pelt Report on the Leuchter Report - Irving/Lipstadt trial transcript: holocaust-debate08.html

Mengele - "The doctors found guilty at Nuremberg were actually treating Auschwitz Jews as their physicians": holocaust-debate09.html

Faurisson's paper at Tehran. Pressac on how he turned against Faurisson: holocaust-debate10.html

Pressac's Proof in reply to Faurisson's challenge: holocaust-debate11.html

Pressac's Proof in reply to Faurisson, etc - 27 responses: holocaust-debate12.html

Pressac on Kremas 1 to 3 at Auschwitz: holocaust-debate13.html

Van Pelt vs Rudolf on Gas-tight doors & Dummy Shower Heads: holocaust-debate14.html

Leuchter "ovens can cremate one body in 1.25 hours" - cf Continuous Loading: holocaust-debate15.html

Charles Provan, Revisionist turned Believer - Diesel fumes toxic if timing changed: holocaust-debate16.html

Safety - How Sonderkommandos could enter Chambers, touch bodies: holocaust-debate17.html

Documentary evidence - Christopher R. Browning: holocaust-debate18.html

FAO manual on HCN toxicity - 200 ppm quickly kills human beings and other mammals: holocaust-debate19.html

No Holes? No Holocaust? - Charles D. Provan's reply to Faurisson's challenge: holocaust-debate20.html

Responses on HCN etc. Testimony of Kurt Gerstein and other SS officers: holocaust-debate21.html

Rudolf Vrba & the Deportation of Hungarian Jews - attacked by both sides: holocaust-debate22.html

Pope Pius XII & Nazi Holocaust. Last Posts, and End of the Debate: holocaust-debate23.html

Follow Up - Comments on the Debate: holocaust-debate24.html


The Memoirs of Rudolph Hoss (Hoess), Kommandant at Auschwitz: Hoss-Memoirs.html.

The Origins of the Final Solution - Christopher R. Browning. How Nazi policy changed from Ethnic Cleansing (early in the war) to Genocide (in mid 1941): browning.html.

The Debate Wouldn't Die - Some extra bits (Wiesel chose the Nazis over the Russians; the 6 million figure): holocaust-debate25.html

Red Cross document "disproving Holocaust" is leading Internet Dissidents astray: holocaust-Red-X-Report.html.

Over the years, Readers have raised some additional points - eg re the heating of Zyklon B crystals to reach their evaporation point (26-7º C). Their letters and my replies are appended to the webpage on Hoss' Memoirs: Hoss-Memoirs.html.

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